DSC00795 IMVROS 25euro  Vegge Dermatini

Professional Chair Imvros for Restaurant, Cafe, Tavern, Cafe-bar, Bistro, Gastronomy, coffee shop, Pizzeria, pub, beer house from 28 €

From 28 €

Professional Traditional Wooden Chair Imvros for Restaurant, Cafe, Tavern, Bistro, Gastronomy, coffee shop, Pizzeria,  pub,  beer house from 28 €  Paint Impregnation with leatherette seat and beech dryer wood (40Χ42Χ90) . The Professional Chair is available in Glaze and Lacquer in several colors, of leather in many colors.

The Professional Traditional Wooden Chair Imvros made of Greek beech dryer. It is of our construction using large tenons, waterproof German RAKOLL adhesive with high strength suitable for Food Company equipment, such as restaurants, cafes, bar-restaurants, cafe-bars, ouzo taverns, Bistro, Gastronomy & other such premises. The Professional Imvros chair is available in Soack paints of Aging Impregnation Glaze (lustre) & lacquers in various colors, paints are made by electrostatic painting using Italian Varnishes. The Professional Imvros Chair is available in Physical wicker seat, with wooden seat and in many colors of leatherette.